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On the Watertown Seal is a picture of an English Colonist and an Indian exchanging, as peace tokens,  bread for fish.  Captain Roger Clap landed at Nantasket Point in 1630 and rode up Charles River to Gerry's Landing with the first party of Watertown Colonists.
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Cultural Council
The Cultural Council meets as needed.


Sallie Strand, Co-Chair                                    1/1/14 - 1/1/17

Rachel Heep, Co-Chair                                10/7/14 - 10/7/17 

Meg Macri, Treasurer                                   11/8/12 - 11/8/15 

Erica Dorenkamp, Webmaster                     11/2/11 - 11/2/17 

Patti Cassidy, Social Media/Publicity           8/20/15 - 8/20/18

Lisa Cerqueira, Member                              10/7/14 - 10/7/17
Laura Segal, Member                                  2/21/11 - 2/21/17
Susan Jones, Member                                 8/20/15 - 8/20/18
Catherine Reurs, Member                            8/20/15 - 8/20/18
Lydia Vagts, Member                                10/24/13 - 10/24/16

Megan Lim, Member                                     9/13/16 - 5/15/19 

Aramais Andonian, Member                         9/13/16 - 5/15/19

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The Cultural Council exists to promote the Arts in Watertown by distributing state-allotted money to approved artists / artistic organizations each year. Duties of council members include review and discussion of grant applications once a year, administration of funds, record and bookkeeping, and on-going communication with the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Candidates should have an interest in promoting cultural enrichment. Four current members wish to serve another term.